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Any time you need a reputable provider of auto brake services in Chicopee, MA, look no further than KLM Auto Repair. Whenever your service needs are brake restoration, brake installation, brake replacement, or any other car brake maintenance service, our planned processes, know-how, and technological resources, will allow that top quality work that our customers demand and deserve.

We have a team of brake mechanics that with our technology is capable of achieving an effective and reliable work at a pace that only the professionals could aspire. This is possible because at KLM Auto Repair, we understand how important is the selection of a competent human resource for the fulfillment of our goal related to customers’ satisfaction. For this reason, we do our best to select our personnel so they are at least reliable, exhibits flexibility, show commitment to the team and are problem-solvers. This, together with our other available resources let us face any challenge.

For safety reasons, KLM Auto Repair recommends you have your brakes checked at least once a year with a credited auto brake repair service provider. However, there are some signs that you have to be aware of that will tell you an immediate brakes check is required. These signs are: abnormal noises when applying the brakes; the brake pedal needs to almost touch the floor to engage; the brake pedal vibrates when applying the brakes; a warning brake light in your dashboard; and any abnormal behavior you can notice when applying the brakes.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us now. Let us know what you want for your car. Whether it is preventive or corrective maintenance, we can help you preserve your valuable machine any time you ask KLM Auto Repair for a transmission repair.

Free estimates & diagnostics when you pay for repair. Only $24.95 for oil changes (No Disposal Fee).

How much you save in fuel and engine oil by giving proper maintenance to your engine?

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Free estimates & diagnostics when you pay for repair. Only $22.95 for oil changes (No Disposal Fee).

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